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GNU Fortran G77 for Win32

The set consists of the following files:

  • g77exe.zip (1.54Mb), the archive that contains the compiler,linker and ancillary executables
  • g77lib.zip (208Kb), the archive that contains the G77 libraries
  • g77doc.zip (301Kb),the archive that contains the G77 documentation. Note that this documentation is in HTML format, so it can be read using any web browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer

Installation Steps

All the above ZIP archives should be un-zipped with the free unzip.exe utility (115Kb. Download the file unzip.zip and rename it to unzip.exe) . This utility will preserve both, the folder structure of the archives and the long filenames that some of the library files have. Typically, unzipping the files in, say, the drive C: will create the folder C:\G77 with the three sub-folders C:\G77\Bin, C:\G77\Lib and C:\G77\Doc. Futher instructions are supplied in the file C:\G77\Readme1.txt


+) Chuot phai vao My computer, chon properties

+) Advanced

+) Environment Variables

+) O cot Variable chon Path

+) Them ; C:\G77\bin